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Duplex style

Quality denim garments


Duplex Denim Atelier is a leading Italian artisan workshop creating quality denim garments since 1999.




    Our keys skills and areas of expertise


    Throughout the years Duplex Denim Atelier has worked with prestigious fashion brands, creating a solid practical experience within the industry that has allowed us to evolve a deep knowledge in all the phases of industrializing a product. At Duplex Denim Atelier before we develop prototypes, we start by analyzing the essential identity of our clients, their target group and their operating market. This helps us understand your needs which are the base for us to create a style not only focused on the fitting, threads and stitching details but also brand personalizations such as labeling and graphics.


    With a long experience in the denim industry, from the crafting of authentic, vintage denim styles to the development of new innovative methods, Duplex Atelier continues to master and evolve the art of denim with powerful and innovative tools.


    Duplex Denim Atelier not only closely follows the latest global trends and has a continuous presence at main fashion fairs but also plans regular inspirational trips which provide a continious flow of ideas and information that enables us to offer innovative and continuously updated international trend forecasts. The research includes a large variety of fabrics, prints, photos, visual material, shapes and trimmings. This enables us to design and create some of the finest styles and total looks for our customers and their target markets.


    Welcome to Duplex Denim Atelier.

    In our showcase you will find everything that the laboratory has the strength and creativity to design and implement.

    There are two things you need to know, the first, denim is the only "alive" fabric, it changes over time and the aging improves the overall look. The second, although the 5pocket is the most basic of items, it can always be reinvented while remaining true to itself.


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    +39 0833 503511

    +39 0833 212189

    Contrada Cucci, 1
    Matino(LE) - 73046 - Italy