We are starting a process of using waste materials destined to be trashed to create new objects that have greater value than the starting material. It is a process of collaboration with progressive partners committed to #sustainability

Often retailers and manufacturers

prefer not to invest in systems

to #recovervalue from

otherwise unsellable warehouse

stocks. Of these items that

cannot be sold, all the natural and

financial resources, but also the

creative and labor resources,

must be definitively lost. This


to a huge waste with negative

#environmentalconsequences ,

as well as an obvious financial loss

for producers and potential consumers

missed opportunities.

The renewal system #recoversclothing ,

discarded fabrics and raw materials

that, in the end of the cycle, is returned

to the partners with a new value.

It is a system which does not include any

waste and has been conceived as a new

service for both partners and final


We try to provide the apparel industry

with a solution without any oversight,

ensuring customers that there will be no

#environmentalimpact .